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Sunday, September 26, 2021 11:19:52 PM

Sherryl Clarks Fresh Bait

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All Images Videos News. Local Shopping. Anytime Past day Past week Past month. About 2,, search results. Category: Fishing Supply, Fishing Phone: Searches related to Fresh Bait movie. People also search for. Fresh Bait Drama. Rotten Tomatoes. Fresh Bait movie cast. We close at pm. Tuesday we will be open from 9 am - pm. Friday will be 9 am - pm. Sorry for the inconvenience, but if possible to wait for us to be available would be a great help. Our new photo station with fish hooks and new sign Thanks very much to Jon Blaiser for making the sign it looks amazing. Cleaned 32 today starting to see a few fish just about everywhere in the rivers now the marinas are still holding fish with the deeper holes in the rivers still ur best chance. With any luck we will get some much needed rain tomorrow night and into Saturday with some much cooler temps headed our way.

We have only cleaned one this weekend but a few more fish are starting to show up in the rivers even one up in forestville with some rain and cooler weather our way things should only get better. Bad News - Several fishermen commented that the muck below the Dam is disgusting. How weather will turn more fall like mid week next week with cooler temps and a little rain so that will help. The downstream flow is further reduced exposing the riverbed. Who thinks salmon will spawn there? Great grandfather John Poh was the miller for nearly all of the time that the original dam existed. He became a partner in the mill business in and bought the mill outright from Fetzer's estate in Victoria Rinando.

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