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Tessie Pulla Analysis

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Flosstube #52 SO MANY PUMPKINS and new starts.

It pulls the reader in, keeps them going through the four massive books that have been published so far, and amounts to nothing. To understand this, think about just what it is this series is about. You see, in the prologue of A Game of Thrones , some throwaway characters venture past a great wall to patrol the wilderness of the far north. But now there are signs that evil might be stirring! Kill the throwaways and bam, cut to chapter one. The ur-epic fantasy, Lord of the Rings begins with the shadow of the past stirring once more, and its Mordor was once carefully guarded before its watchers became lax.

He spends more time on Daenerys, a young princess in exile who must overcome all manner of obstacles both internal and external before she can start walking down the road toward reclaiming her throne, but this well-worn storyline is also strictly a sideline item. The second book, A Clash of Kings , even spends a little time on a King who is increasingly led down dark paths by a foreign sorceress, but this too gets only a little space in the ongoing story. Any one of these stories, properly developed, would be enough for a fantasy novel and probably an entire trilogy. Incorporating them all would definitely make for a lively fantasy series. Mind you, anyone who has read a reasonable amount of fantasy can sketch out roughly how these stories will evolve. Yet by the end of the fourth book, after 1.

Instead, most of the series has been devoted to the titular game of thrones as countless nobles struggle for power in Westeros. Unlike the plotlines I just described, this main thread does not follow normal conventions. It is almost completely without structure. Events happen one after another without any kind of cohesion. Yet this all proceeds outside of the narrative structure that has characterized western literature for centuries. There is no development, there is no sense of progression of any kind, there is no climax. What was immediately noticeable to readers of the first book in was the way they had no idea what was coming next. Why should they? Long experience has taught us how plots work in almost all fiction, but here was a book that was resolute in ignoring these conventions.

To be sure, the immediate result is a fairly refreshing feeling of suspense. But these narrative conventions exist for a reason. And if the plot goes on indefinitely, then the individual events are completely deprived of meaning. Incidentally, I believe this was also how Martin got the reputation as a killer of main characters. Floating in a vacuum of story, readers latched on to what they assumed were main characters only to have them unexpectedly swept aside.

This was originally supposed to be a trilogy, after all, but has defied every prediction its own author made regarding its eventual length and publication schedule. Having fallen in love with what was supposed to be a bit of window dressing, he has continually expanded its role within the series even though it threatens to completely drown out what the series was supposed to be about in the first place. The typical pattern for fantasy series is to start out with an exciting and action packed first book and then to become ever more bogged down in extra viewpoint characters and minutiae.

Likewise, where typical slow fantasy seems to get stuck always approaching but never reaching some critical point, Martin blasts through critical points all the time. The central plotline is a meat grinder that constantly chews up minor characters, spits them out, then pulls in more. The P vs. NP Problem can be solved with the Ricci Flow. In fact Ricci Flow is very useful here.

Click to access Ricci-flow-with-surgery. Rate this:. Biblical statements concerning homosexuality. Ah, the plot. Where to begin? Simpson 0 4. Koehler Brent W. Kuhlman 5 4. Caro 5 4. Sobell 5 4. Red Hat is great when you need a consistent kernel version 2. Levine 5 3. Levine, Wayne Franklin, Philip F. Gura, Jerome Klinkowitz 5 3. Levine 5 4. Levin 5 4. Neo-conservatism is very popular approach in United Kingdom and Europe. Rowling 0 4. Laffer Stephen Moore, Peter Tanous 0 4. Laffer Stephen Moore 5 4.

Hein, Ben Whaley 4 4. Knopf, Inc. Kinnaman Laura L. Lane 4 4. Walther Charles P. Schaum, Rudolph Prange 0 4. Green 4 4. Lucas 5 4. Brug 5 4. Its a Wall Street history book. Schmidt Mack C. Shelley II, Barbara A. Bardes, Lynne E. Ford 4 3. Coe, Talcott Parsons, R. Tawney 4 3. Reason why places I work in the past use words "Nondenominational" possibly due to Critical Theory and author Max Weber! Forte, Matthew Spalding, Matthew J. Kinnaman Henry V. Gerike, Todd A. Peperkorn, Arthur A. Just Jr. Higgins, David H. Petersen 5 4. Bennett 4 3. Martin 3 3. Martin 0 3. Martin Andy Mangels 4 3.

DeCandido 4 3. George III 4 3. George III 4 4. Bennett 3 3. Martin 0 4. Heinlein 4 4. Heinlein 4 3. Heinlein 5 3. Tolkien 0 4. It has some Calvinist-leaning notes. Engelbrecht 4 4. They borrow values from Catholics and act like Catholics. Walther 5 4. I blamed the book, not myself per se. Owned since LOL Click to access Ricci-flow-with-surgery. If homosexuality were significantly influenced by genes , it would appear in every culture, but in twenty-nine of seventy-nine cultures surveyed by Ford and Beach in , homosexuality was rare or absent.

It was very rare in the Siriono, even though there were no prohibitions on homosexual relationships in that culture. The researcher observed only one man displaying slight homosexual traits but apparently not sexually involved with another man. Homosexuality appears to be rare among Orthodox Jews [Orthodox Judaism forbids homosexuality], so much so that learned rabbis, the interpreters of Jewish law, usually allowed men to sleep in the same bed, because likelihood of sexual contact was considered negligible.

Kinsey also found very low homosexual incidence among Orthodox Jews…This evidence comes from missionaries who commonly spend 25 years of their lives living in one culture, far more than almost any anthropologist…. Overall they can be considered as reliable witnesses. For example, in contrast to groups like the Sambia in the New Guinea highlands, where homosexuality was compulsory, only about percent of Western Dani also in the New Guinea highlands practiced it. However, in another group of Dani who were genetically related, homosexuality was totally unknown. Missionaries report that when they were translating the Bible into Dani for this group, their tribal assistants, who knew their own culture intimately, were nonplused by references to homosexuality in Romans 1; they did not understand the concept.

Another missionary, with the same group for 25 years, overheard many jests and sexually ribald exchanges among the men, but never a single mention of homosexuality in all that time. When Dani went to help with missionary work among the Sambia, they were astounded at some of the homosexual practices they saw for the first time. Although it is always difficult for a foreigner to be completely sure whether a rare and stigmatized behavior exists, it is certainly true that if three such different experiences of homosexuality can occur in groups of people so closely related genetically, genetically enforced homosexuality is an impossibility.

Some cultures — for example, the Assyrian and Graeco-Roman — were more tolerant of homosexuality. The behavior was practiced openly and was highly prevalent. Anthropologists had observed that relatively uncompetitive primitive cultures such as those that do not distinguish or reward the best hunters in distinction to the other men in the tribe have virtually no homosexuality. We discovered that people who were raised in large cities were more likely to be homosexual than people who were raised in suburb, towns, or the countryside. This relationship also showed up in the General Social Survey, an independent national sample. There is a much higher incidence of homosexuality among those who have been raised in large cities, rather than in rural areas, arguing that the environment is much more powerful than genes in the development of homosexuality.

Time and time again, scientists have claimed that particular genes or chromosomal regions are associated with behavioral traits, only to withdraw their findings when they were not replicated. On July 16, , it was reported in Science pp. This was hailed as proof that homosexuality in men is biological in origin. Two years later, however, Eliot Marshall reported in Science June 30, , p. Much research has been done over the years to discover the scientific origins of homosexuality.

Mostly it has been to disprove the fact that homosexuality is a matter of choice. Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God. They attribute their dramatic and relatively rapid transformation to the power of God, and likely would not show up in a study of this kind. Federal Government in Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, funded the first year of this study to evaluate the long term results of the Teen Challenge program.

The sexology literature reports a huge number of examples of change of all degrees from homosexuality to or toward heterosexuality. How glorious a change does grace make! It changes the vilest of men into saints and the children of God. Such were some of you, but you are not what you were. You are washed, you are sanctified, you are justified in the name of Christ , and by the Spirit of our God. Note, The wickedness of men before conversion is no bar to their regeneration and reconciliation to God. The blood of Christ, and the washing of regeneration, can purge away all guilt and defilement. Here is a rhetorical change of the natural order: You are sanctified, you are justified. Sanctification is mentioned before justification: and yet the name of Christ, by which we are justified, is placed before the Spirit of God, by whom we are sanctified.

Our justification is owing to the merit of Christ; our sanctification to the operation of the Spirit : but both go together. A ground rule for the session was the premise that homosexual behavior is not immoral. Most intriguing was evidence that a massive fire had destroyed the city. It lay buried under a coating of ash several feet thick. A cemetery one kilometer outside the city contained charred remains of roofs, posts, and bricks turned red from heat. Bryant Wood , in describing these charnel houses, stated that a fire began on the roofs of these buildings.

Eventually the burning roof collapsed into the interior and spread inside the building. This was the case in every house they excavated. Such a massive fiery destruction would match the biblical account that the city was destroyed by fire that rained down from heaven. According to the researchers, All total, A survey by The Advocate, a homosexual magazine, revealed that promiscuity is a reality among homosexuals. The poll found that 20 percent of homosexuals said they had had different sex partners in their lifetime, with an additional 8 percent having had more than Unprotected homosexual sex is also a concern among health professionals.

Gay liberation in the s was accompanied by an explosion of gay sexuality, especially in tolerant cities such as Los Angeles , New York and San Francisco , where gays concentrated. Frenetic casual and anonymous sex was widespread among homosexual and bisexual men. Bathhouses, back rooms of bars and clubs, and other public settings such as erotic bookstores and movie theaters were, in effect, wide open…these practices and more were accompanied by extremely high rates of sexually transmitted diseases and set the scene for the rapid transmission of HIV once it appeared in the late s. Domestic abuse is under-reported in the gay community…Male-on-male same-sex domestic violence also has been reported in couples where one or both persons are HIV -positive.

Intimate partner abuse and violence include humilation, threatening to disclose HIV status, withholding HIV therapy, and harming family members or pets. But the issue of gay domestic abuse has been shrouded by silence until recently…For years, gay people have tried to keep quiet about the problem, said Dave Shannon, coordinator of the violence recovery program at Fenway Community Health, a gay and lesbian clinic in Boston. Forensic pathologists often state that homosexual homicides are more violent than those with heterosexual victims.

Overkill or wounding far beyond that required to cause death is a frequently used descriptor of these deaths. Equally high is the number of homicides, many probably related to transient attachments, which often lead to suspicion, jealousy, and murder. In these instances multiple stabbing and other brutal injuries…are common findings… []. As with heterosexual offenses, the cause of death in fatal cases is almost always some form of general trauma, such as strangulation or head injuries.

Homosexual activity, however, may be a parallel event; it is a fact that some of the most violent homicides seen by pathologists are among male homosexuals. However, subsequent attention and study has been sparse, in part attributed to reduced frequency thought to reflect changing practices by gay men in response to the HIV epidemic. This study clearly indicates that it is still an issue, since the cases were studied in Also, the etiology is about the same as previously, although HSV is newly recognized as an important component. This finding not only affects management but also has HIV prevention implications.

The authors note that two thirds of the participants were HIV negative and that proctitis increases the risk of HIV by up to 9-fold. A new variety of staph bacteria, highly resistant to antibiotics and possibly transmitted by sexual contact, is spreading among gay men in San Francisco, Boston, New York and Los Angeles, researchers reported Monday. Data from this study suggest that multidrug-resistant USA has spread rapidly among men who have sex with men in San Francisco and Boston, and that having male—male sex seems to be a risk factor for multidrug-resistant USA infection independent of HIV infection….

All patients in this sample who had multidrug-resistant USA infection were men who had sex with men, and none of the more than men seen at this health center annually who did not have male—male sex had multidrug-resistant USA infection, suggesting the exclusive spread of the multidrug-resistant USA clone among men who have sex with men…. MRSA can be fatal. Most MRSA infections occur in hospitals or other health care settings, such as nursing homes and dialysis centers. More recently, another type of MRSA has occurred among otherwise healthy people in the wider community. In a report on sexually transmitted diseases STDs issued Tuesday, the government said syphilis, a disease that was almost eliminated as a public health threat less than 10 years ago, is on the rise — with cases increasing each year since Ronald O.

High rates of intestinal parasitism are found in MSM [men who have sex with men] throughout the world. Amoebiasis has become endemic in MSM in Japan and causes significant morbidity and mortality; complications such as colitis and liver abscesses occur more frequently in homosexual and bisexual men than in heterosexual men. Similar findings on amoebiasis are reported from Taiwan , with MSM at increased risk for invasive amoebiasis and intestinal colonisation with E.

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